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Rust for beginners

TL;DR : A newbie trying to explain to other beginners out there why Rust might be a good language choice for them.

Disclaimer: This article touches upon a very few features of the Rust language and as such, it won’t help any experienced Rust devs. You might still want to read it :)

 Hello, Rust!

A few months back, I was browsing through the news-stories on HN, when I stumbled upon this link with the following headline:

Servo passes Acid2

This piqued my interest - which is a nice way of saying I didn’t know shit about either Servo or Acid2 and was curious. A few Google searches later, I had cured myself of my ignorance.

Now, I had been a happy chromium (a browser very similar to chrome; click here for more) user for a long time. So Servo, a new browser? Why ever would you want that? Surely the result of programmers having too much time on their hands! Well, not quite, it turns out

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Mercurial vs Git: Scaling and Architecture

TL; DR - A long, somewhat technical post on why mercurial is better at scaling that git. Some history, too.

Everywhere I look, I see people using git. From experienced programmers to newbie programming enthusiasts, everyone seems to be using git. And GitHub, for that matter. In fact, we may even conclude that the popularity enjoyed by git is in large part due to popularity of GitHub. I mean, we can all admit that all the cool new things in FOSS are being published on GitHub. This just means that anyone willing to contribute needs to know git, at least at a beginner level. So, it’s obvious to anyone that learning git as your first version control system is good investment.

Now, let me make it clear that despite all appearances to the contrary, I am in no way criticising git or GitHub. In fact, I love git. Seriously. People may blame git (no pun intended) for a steep learning curve but I

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